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  1. Onwards to Canada’s ocean playground

    Date 28 May 2016
    September.  Toronto.  38 degrees.   When I had dreamed of coming to the Great White North I never honestly expected it to be sizzling.  The colloquial name had suggested I never put it under scrutiny.  I was wrong.  Sullivan had been taken away and locked up in the hotel garage, where…

  2. An eternity without deviation

    Date 26 Feb 2016
    It was a long two-day drive from Laramie, Wyoming back to Banff, Alberta by myself.  I had really enjoyed savouring this real taste of Mid-Western America, full of cowboy boots and hats, incredibly catchy country songs, strongly opinionated billboards and tasty tacos.  I settled in for a power through back to…

  3. And it was all yellow

    Date 17 Dec 2015
    Well..  it’s been too long.  Since my last blog I’ve clocked over 10,000km on Sullivan’s now working speedometer.   I have a lot of stories to tell.  Let me back track It was summer in Banff, my sister, Grace, had arrived in town, I’d quit my job and it was time…

  4. Behind the blue Rockies, the sun is declining

    Date 25 Aug 2015
    It was time for Eleanor to get a job.  After kicking it in Kelowna, Sullivan guided us up the mountain roads and we took a short break outside of Revelstoke to cook a feast by a lake and wash.  In the distance, Sulli expressed his loneliness on the side of…

  5. Let’s Go Cherry Picking

    Date 30 Jul 2015
    So there I was in a cafe in Tofino, sick of looking for jobs (after a whole hour) and abruptly deciding to drive to Alaska with my German friend Simone.  We left our free wifi behind without much thought and hit the highway back to Victoria.  Not far down the…

  6. Don’t You Worry Child

    Date 22 Jul 2015
    Lots of people have asked me how I manage to travel by myself and not get lonely or scared or freak out when I’m sleeping on the edge of the woods and I don’t have phone service.  Well, I do!  Who wouldn’t get scared when you think you can see…

  7. Sullivan’s Nativity

    Date 18 Jul 2015
    Sullivan is 18 years old, so he’s getting on a bit for the soccer mum van that he is.  But he takes me up steep hills and down beautiful valleys so I ain’t complaining.  Also he only cost me $1,000 CAD.  So far Sullivan has taught me many things -…

  8. The Van Life is a Good Life

    Date 18 Jul 2015
    I bought a van on a whim after having been in Vancouver for about three weeks and was getting itchy feet, feeling ready to move on.  This was just under three weeks ago now and it’s already been one hell of an adventure!  I’m going to dedicate this blog to…

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